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Covid 19 Disclosure and UPDATES:
6/29/2020 Social Distance practices must be followed at Resorts North by Members. 
Also no outside alcoholic beverages are allowed into the Resort.  This is a no tolerance policy and if not honored, Memberhsip will be rescinded immediatley.  Thank you!
  Questions regarding capacity have arisen. Answers;  We have never been more than 30-40% capacity at any given time since the opening of Resorts North in 2012, due to comfort and space allowance for Members, so this is not an issue nor will be.  The Resort has plenty of open free space.  There should be no concerns regarding being turned away from admittance due to capacity.
Also, we are awaiting specific guidlines pertaining to the food and beverage sales in order to open the snack shack. For the time being please bring in your own food and non alcoholic beverages.  We should know more by early next week and we will anounce what will be allowed and offered.
6/9/2020 Members, as of today, please bring in all your own food AND non alcoholic beverages.  At this time we are unable to serve at the pool out of the snack shack due to new instructions from the authorities.  We have to follow new guidelines pertaining to packaged snacks and drinks.   We are working on getting all of this in place.  Thank you for your patience. 
6/8/2020  Finally!  Its Official we are opening tomorrow 10 am - 8 pm daily.  Please bring your own lunches/dinners. Packaged snacks will be available for purchase at the snack shack.  We will also be offering all beverages, alcohol and non alcoholic.  If you do not have your Member Id's please bring a photo Id, everone must have an active Membership and be checked in.  Thank you for your patience.
6/8/2020 We are waiting for a final inspection this afternoon from the local authorities, in order to officially open.  We will post as soon as this is complete and we have received permission and authorization. 
6/5/2002 WE HAVE RECEIVED OUR GUIDLINES.  WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF PUTTING THEM INTO AFFECT. We do however have to wait for the Governors annoucnement TOMORROW 6/6/20, to announce the go ahead.  The offical date of opening will be annouced as soon as we know.
6/2/2002 WE STILL ARE AWAITING OUR GUIDELINES & PERMISSIONS FOR OPENING.  We will post as soon as they are available.  Thank you.

Presently, the Resort and is preparing for opening. We are tentatively planning for June 8th. (2nd phase).    There will also be plan in place for sanitation and we will follow all Covid 19 safety protocol upon opening.  We are waiting for the specific outline and guildlines for that and we will let you know as soon as we do.  Please remain safe. We look forward to serving you this season.   

 **** Opening 6/9/2020***
10 am - 8 pm daily

email all employment applications with certifications to [email protected]  

Kids 12 and under Guest Fee $10.00 and Friday Night Fun Nights Free to all kids!!

2020 Season Food Policy Change

 Outside sources of food will be allowed into the Resort.  However all soft drinks, juices, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will still remain restricted and are avaiable for purchase at the Resort.

Resorts North is a private exclusive resort, swimming and tennis club located at the former Thomson Country Club on 20 Elm Street (Rt. 62) in North Reading, Massachusetts.  The last few years we completed a massive renovation to the entire facility, making it one of the most up to date swimming & tennis facilites on the North Shore.

Resorts North is family oriented and designed for the comfort, safety and convenience of our members and their guests. There are two Olympic style pools and a children's pool for the toddlers. Our facility is professionally managed and our pools are staffed by experienced, certified lifeguards. A new playground area is available for our younger members. Our 4 new stunning tennis courts are said to be some of the best in the area.

Conveniently located within the complex is Teresas's PRIME, an upscale steakhouse and Teresa's Grille "19", a full service family restaurant, both open to the public. Teresa's poolside Grille"19" Express will be open daily during the season serving a great selection of  foods, non-alcoholic, alcoholic beverages, Richies Slush, fruits, snacks and ice cream at the Resort. This and more, all wrapped in a beautiful, lush, landscaped country club atmosphere, and conveniently located with plenty of parking .

Resorts North is proud to offer competitive membership packages for both singles 
and entire families.   
Click here to see what else is happening on our beautiful Properties!

******(Please allow up to 2 week processing time for all applications)******

Hours are always subject to change weather permitting!

Member Communication:
Hello Members! We are now going on our fourth successful season! We have an email system through Constant Contact. All member emails were transferred to the new data base. It has come to our attention at times some emails are recognized as spam & may not be going through and/or received. We are working diligently to make sure everyone is on the list accurately. Please be sure to check Facebook and the website for communication and updates. Also, please let us know via email if you have not received the communication emails. If there are members that are not receiving emails please reach out to us directly by phone :
Maria  Hurley, Membership Manager
978-646-1111   option 2   Ext. 26.
or email [email protected]

Thank you!

                             For your convenience Resorts North has WIFI poolside!!!                                 


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